The Future of Gaming: HTML5 Games

With the cutting-edge technology of HTML5, you can create next-generation interactive desktop and mobile HTML5 games. You heard that right: HTML5 doesn’t discriminate among platforms. With multi-platform capability, you can provide a unique experience for users and keep them coming back. This is a great way to set your e-commerce store or business in general apart from the rest, as you can embed HTML5 games right on your website.

HTML5 Games 101

The building blocks of HTML5 games include: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means there are never-ending possibilities when it comes to combining these three elements. Plus, your HTML5 game will be compatible with any modern device. You’ll still need to consider how your game will respond to various screen sizes and input types by personalizing the code depending on the platform. But you don’t necessarily need to have never-ending pockets to make your HTML5 game work for you. With a plethora of features, such as user accounts, high scores, social integration, and in-game payments, users will be coming back for more.

Make Your Website Experience Fun!

Integrating an HTML5 game into your website experience will only benefit your e-commerce store or business, as it promotes your brand and products and provides a positive experience to visitors. Since many games are not compatible with mobile devices, your HTML5 game would have an immediate edge by being mobile friendly. The focus should be on a relatively simple storyline that makes sense, so that users can easily figure out what they’re supposed to do next. A tutorial with guides can be helpful.

The Marketplace for HTML5 Games

Okay, so you want your game to be easy enough to start playing for a few minutes here or there but engaging enough that users can’t wait to come back for seconds and thirds and so on. That’s where the special features we mentioned earlier come in. This will also make it more likely for users to spread the word to their friends, which in the end will equal increased awareness of your brand and more potential buyers. There is also ad capability through various networks, and you can distribute your game to marketplaces if you wanted to broaden your scope. But it’s easy enough to put your game out there by embedding it on your web page and publishing. All of this probably sounds great, but where do you start? Contact ECA Tech today to get started.

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