Adobe with an Edge of Interactive Animations

Adobe Edge Animate is the latest technology meant to pick up where Flash left off for motion graphic artists, web designers, and web developers. Compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, Edge Animate allows users to create interactive animations using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3 functionality.

The Expressive Web

This is the title Adobe gives the application, as it is unlimited when it comes to platform expression. Whether on a desktop computer or another type of device, Edge can handle itself on every screen, on any browser. In 2011 Adobe announced the new multimedia tool to replace Flash, with more accessible code that can sync up with existing Adobe applications. Edge applications are compatible with the same browsers as HTML5. With this being the standard technology, that means every modern browser out there. It’s also interesting that Adobe has encouraged user feedback since its launch and has implemented updates at a rapid rate to accommodate this input. The application is constantly being updated and is always current.

Designing with Edge

Edge Animate allows designers endless possibilities when it comes to features. Designers can create content with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks. Additionally, Edge Animate pushes the envelope when it comes to web font technology. Head over to the Edge Animate website to learn more about the specific features.

Let’s Talk Interactive Animations

You can add edge to your website with the latest technology in interactive animations and seamless functionality. Edge Animate can be used for motion, interactive animation and content, games, and infographics. Key features include the use of timeline, creation of key frames, use of symbols, set type in motion, animate a symbol’s timelines, add easing effects to objects, edition transitions, and more. Head over to ECA Tech’s design division to work with our expert HTML5 programmers in implementing the latest technology into your business’ website.

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