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Website Marketing Events

Our professionals frequently conduct website marketing events

During website marketing events, we provide workshops and courses designed to foster community growth and development.

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Upcoming Website Marketing Events

Event management can be a complex undertaking. Let us make it easier for you with a calendar of our website marketing events.


Beginner WordPress User Course

Consider starting with a beginner-friendly course from our website marketing events to cover the essentials. Topics will include:

WordPress Fundamentals: An Overview of WordPress, Domain Management, Hosting Solutions, Themes, and Plugins. WordPress's ease of use and vast plugin ecosystem make it a dominant force, empowering anyone to create and manage websites of all kinds.

Dashboard Proficiency: Navigating the WordPress Dashboard, Differentiating Between Posts and Pages, and Utilizing the Media Library. Dashboard proficiency is crucial for web developers as it grants them control over website data, settings, and functionalities, enabling them to effectively manage and monitor their creations.

Content Development: Crafting Posts and Pages with the Block Editor, Configuring Basic Settings, and Site Customization. Content development is essential for web development because it informs, engages, and converts visitors, ultimately driving the success of your website.

Security and Backup Protocols: Best Practices for Website Security and Data Backup Procedures. Secure and well-maintained backups are vital for web development, protecting user data, preventing downtime, and ensuring a swift recovery from any potential security breaches.

  • 9 AM - 2 PM
  • Concord, Ontario
  • 01-17-2024
  • Host - Ray Rahman

WordPress Intermediate Topics

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, delve into more advanced topics with one of our intermediate website marketing events:

Plugins: Discover how to locate, install, and effectively utilize plugins. Plugins are mini-programs that add specific features or functionalities to websites or software applications. Use them strategically to create a website that meets your specific needs and keeps your visitors engaged.

User Roles: Configure additional users with suitable roles. User roles in web development define different access levels and functionalities within a website for various user types, like administrators, editors, or regular visitors. User roles ensure that users only have the permissions they need to perform their designated tasks, protecting sensitive data and streamlining workflows.

Design Blocks and Patterns: Enhance your site’s design using blocks and patterns, so users enjoy a website that's both visually appealing and intuitive to navigate. Design blocks and patterns are powerful tools that streamline website development, promote consistency, and ultimately lead to a better user experience.

Performance Optimization: Implement backup strategies, caching, and performance enhancements. Performance optimization in web development creates fast-loading websites that enhance user experience and improve search engine ranking.

  • 9 AM - 2 PM
  • Concord, Ontario
  • 16-05-2024
  • Host - Ray Rahman

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Why ECA Team is better than others?

We don't just develop applications; we also help our communities in meaningful ways. Our commitment goes beyond technology, offering workshops and courses all year round. These opportunities empower people with new skills and knowledge. As a trainee, you might even work for our top clients, contributing to our projects and helping us work more efficiently. By joining our programs, you not only improve your own skills but also support our mission to foster growth and innovation in the community.

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