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ECA Tech Inc. specializes in delivering software solutions for both Web and PC platforms

Discover the transformative power of innovation and seamless solutions with Dynamics. ECA Tech's journey extends beyond the delivery of a solution.



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At ECA Tech, we are a team of highly skilled professionals who prioritize your needs. Our development team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, and we strive for excellence and perfection in every project we undertake. We have unparalleled standards of quality, and we are committed to your success. ECA Tech (formerly known as Albamerica Inc.) offers cost-effective web and software development solutions to marketing agencies in the USA and Canada. We have worked with a few Fortune 500 companies over the years. ECA Tech specializes in various web services, including Ecommerce, AR/VR games and app development, animations, and software development. We have four divisions, each catering to different platform needs: Mobile Synergies, Design Toronto Web, 2SEO, and ECA Code.

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We help businesses find the right technology solutions. Working with multiple agencies, we manage projects from start to finish. We also provide guidance on obtaining funding.

eCommerce w/AI

Revolutionize your eCommerce business with our unbeatable AI solutions, designed to meet your unique needs and budget. Our cutting-edge technology provides customized solutions to unlock the full potential of your online store and drive conversions like never before. Let our team of experts enhance your business success and take it to the next level.

Web & Mobile Apps

At ECA Tech Inc., we excel at creating custom web apps with advanced technologies and endless possibilities. We strive to meet and exceed our clients' expectations, pouring our hearts and souls into every project from ideation to final implementation. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, and we'll stop at nothing to deliver customized solutions that enhance productivity and convenience.

AR/VR Apps/Games

ECA Tech Inc. specializes in providing expert solutions for AR and VR applications and games in the gaming industry. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to ensure your project's success from start to finish. From development to ongoing support, we help your vision become a reality. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.

Digital Automation

Our company provides top-notch automation services for eCommerce and web applications. Our innovative systems efficiently promote your business through various channels. Contact us today to take your business to new heights with reliable and tailored automation. Trust our experienced professionals to handle your business with care.


IT Support

At ECA Tech Inc., we provide outstanding maintenance and support services that guarantee the continuous operation and security of your technical systems. Our experts are always ready to anticipate and prevent potential issues and security breaches, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operation. With ECA Tech Inc. on your side, your business is protected in the face of any technical challenges.


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Business Development Manager

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Success is a personal journey for each person. We recognize that your needs are distinct, and we customize our services to meet your precise needs. Allow us to help you achieve your objectives and unlock your full potential. Our mission is to deliver enduring value that goes well beyond the completion of a project. Our services aim to offer enduring advantages and to unlock your full potential.

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