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Our company name ECA Tech is an abbreviation of Electronic Commerce Assisting Technologies.

Located in Toronto, Canada, our mission is to make e-commerce technology an asset to your business. We focus on helping you maximize your revenue and continually meet the complex needs of business growth with web stores and other e-commerce services. With our expertise, we do whatever it takes to ensure your e-commerce web store is a success by: adding products to your store, checking out with integrated payment processing, providing on-site SEO to increase your website’s link popularity with offsite SEO, adding back order features, and incorporating an incomplete order reminder system. READ MORE >>


Knowing when to use which technology is the important thing. There have been many discussions recently about the future of FLASH technology while HTML5 is upon us offering its degree of versatility and flexibility. Flash still provides far more flexibility and is able to deal with more complex animation than HTML5. However, more common applications can be dealt with by HTML5 where using flash would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. READ MORE >>

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With giants like Apple boycotting Flash in favour of HTML5, the mobile market is increasingly adopting HTML5 over Flash. HTML5 can be viewed easily on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad and as it uses up less processing power than Flash, battery life lasts longer, perfect for mobile gaming experience. With HTML5 there is no need to download plug-ins and extra bits of software in order to use it. Whilst our mobile lifestyles continue and increase, so will the popularity of HTML5. READ MORE >>


A web application is software utilizing the World Wide Web and web browser technologies to accomplish useful tasks over a network, typically through a website instead of your desktop computer. Many different technologies are used to create a variety of web apps. When it comes to building web apps, some of the customary tools include: Flash, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Java, Silverlight, and ASMX. READ MORE >>

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ECA delivers custom-designed, cross-platform SmartPhone mobile applications tailored to meet your unique sales and marketing needs. Our primary focus for mobile app development is on cross-development. We specialize in translating a mobile app’s interface to all mobile platforms, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone mobile app and iPod touch, RIM’s Blackberry mobile app, Google’s Android mobile app OS, Palm Pre, Nokia’s Symbian, and Windows Phone.

You can create fun apps for your company so all your employees can not only use them but also promote them with firsthand user experience. Or you can create apps to upsell additional features at a cost for users. READ MORE >>


A CMS, or content management system, is software that manages all of the content on your website, just as a public library keeps track of books and systematically stores them. Content includes simple text, photos, music, video, documents, and just about anything else you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires very little technical skill or knowledge to operate. You can sit back, relax and let the CMS take care of your content. READ MORE >>

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Internet marketing & search engine optimization is a necessity for each and every web-based business. Setting up an online business is of no use unless it is marketed properly to attract potential customers and build a regular following. No organization or website can survive for long without loyal clients or customers. Successful search engine optimization requires years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge to understand how the search engines’ algorithms can work to your benefit. We can help you boost website sales with improved and expert touches of SEO. READ MORE >>