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Case Studies

A case study in business AI application and innovative eCommerce

We are proud to be at the forefront of eCommerce website development utilizing AI, and business AI applications. Please review our case study for further details.

eCommerce Website

Require a Tailored Multi-Shipping Solution

This project required multiple recipients for a single order, enabling a company to send gifts to hundreds of employees in one transaction.

  • Multiple Shipping Addresses and Cost Calculation in One Order
  • AI SEO, AI Smart SEO Redirects, AI Promo Extensions

Discuss the constraints of e-commerce platforms (e.g., WordPress, Shopify)

We carefully considered and evaluated several e-commerce platforms and ultimately selected Magento as our top choice. One of the key reasons for this decision was its enterprise-level capabilities, which make it an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes.

As a subsidiary of Adobe, a $6 billion company, Magento offers exceptional customizability, allowing businesses to tailor store functionalities to their unique needs. Unlike WordPress, which relies heavily on plugins and may have potential vulnerabilities, Magento is specifically designed for e-commerce, providing a more secure and reliable platform for businesses.

We evaluated several other e-commerce platforms, including Shopify Plus, and found that while Shopify Plus is a hosted solution, it restricts customization and can incur higher costs, starting at $2,000 per month. With its proprietary technologies, businesses may also experience slower development, which can be a significant drawback for those looking to scale quickly.

  • WordPress N/A
  • Shopify N/A
  • Custom XTN
  • Magento

The problems with default solution offer

Magento's multi-shipping feature has two main challenges:

1. Multi-page Checkout: Users face a lengthy process to complete their purchase, which can be slow and tedious. They need to: - Assign an address to each item, which is time-consuming if shipping to multiple locations. - Choose a shipping method for each item, adding complexity with different options and costs. - Review the order to ensure all details are correct, including addresses, shipping methods, and payment information. - Finalize the order, ending the multi-step process but frustrating for users who want a quicker experience.

2. Multiple Orders: Each multi-shipping transaction creates separate orders in the backend, complicating processing and tracking. This can cause several issues: - Higher chance of errors, as managing multiple orders for one transaction can be confusing. - Difficulty in tracking, as managing multiple orders for one customer can be challenging, especially for customer service. - Increased administrative work, as managing multiple orders can strain resources and reduce efficiency.

  • Multi-step
  • Multi-order
  • Difficult Tracking
  • Increased Work

Introducing Our Advanced Multi-Shipping Solution to Address Common Challenges

Single-page Multi-shipping Checkout: We've combined the multi-shipping checkout into one easy-to-use, AJAX-based page. This makes it simpler for users to choose addresses, shipping methods, payment options, review their order, and place it all on one page.

Single Order Creation: Our system creates one order for all items in a multi-shipping checkout, showing different shipping addresses, costs, taxes, and totals for each item. Admins can make one invoice and assign separate tracking numbers for each shipment, reducing backend work and avoiding multiple orders.

Multiple Recipients: Users can create multiple recipients and send gifts to different addresses. Recipients are saved in the database, so customers can send more gifts to the same people or add new ones.

Shipping Cost: Each recipient has a different shipping cost based on their address.

  • Simplicity
  • One-step Checkout
  • Sipping Addresses
  • Shipping Cost
Solution challenges

While initial challenges are inevitable, we address them with unwavering resilience.

We initially faced major issues with our solution. One key problem was the system setting the entire order's address to the order creator's billing address whenever a new recipient was added. This caused confusion and delivery errors. We fixed this by updating the Magento core system to prevent the page from refreshing, ensuring each recipient's address stays correct.

We also addressed errors in shipping cost calculations. The system used to miscalculate costs based on the number of items sent to one recipient, leading to incorrect charges. By improving the shipping cost algorithm, we now ensure accurate costs based on the quantity of items sent. This approach improved address accuracy and made shipping cost estimates more reliable, resulting in a smoother and more customer-friendly ordering process.

  • Page refresh
  • Shipping perfection
  • Smoothen checkout
  • Descriptive steps

Base off Open Source


Web app development offers endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. With intricate coding, business AI applications, dynamic web applications, and rigorous design testing, integrating with third-party portals is now easier than ever before. Drupal, WordPress, and Umbraco offer endless possibilities to create dynamic web experiences. Push the boundaries - the sky's the limit!


Unlock the potential of e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Shopify! Experience their flexibility, customization, and scalability. We can seamlessly integrate SEO and marketing automation to boost your business with a business AI application. Our vast experience enables us to create tailored open-source solutions that meet your needs exactly. Get ready for unprecedented success and cost-savings!


Our team of experienced developers uses cutting-edge technology and frameworks, such as Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Laravel, and Express.js, to simplify web development. We provide clients with top-notch authentication, database management, business AI applications, and advanced templates. Trust us to deliver efficient, reliable solutions for web software development.

Web Designing

Let's transform your website into an unforgettable digital adventure! Our expert team knows that user-friendly experiences are the key to website design, especially in business AI applications. With our innovative web design solutions, we'll propel your business to new heights. And for all you marketing companies out there, we welcome your designs as well. Let's create something amazing together!

IT Support

Application development is a thriving and exciting field that holds the power to transform the digital world we live in today. IT support with innovative techniques, methodologies, and practices used to design, create, deploy, and maintain web, mobile, business AI applications and online software.

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