Make Way for HTML5 Animations

It is likely that HTML5 animations is the future of interactive media and will replace Adobe Flash. Let’s begin with the fact that Flash is an older technology. This means it’s not as compatible with search engines or mobile platforms. Initially, artsy folk gravitated toward Flash to help showcase their artwork or photographs on their sites. Unfortunately, search engines have a difficult time crawling these sites. Flash is also pricey and incompatible with Safari.

Multi-Browser Is Synonymous with HTML5 Animations

That brings us to HTML5. HTML5 animation has made its mark by producing high-quality and impressive animations. This gives web designers a new means of presenting work on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. But HTML5 can handle it all. It runs seamlessly on desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Wide Range of Features

HTML5 is a do-all tool based on the most up-to-date technology. It offers all the same features as Flash but without the hassle of programming. Did we mention increased flexibility? Web designers and programmers alike will enjoy the motion and interactive animation features with ease. It doesn’t stop there. HTML5 can also be used for games and infographics. Audio can be integrated via MP4 or YouTube. Object animations include fades, scrolls, bounces, path animation and shape tweening. HTML5 is truly setting the standard with the latest technology.

Engage Your Visitors

All of these features can put a competitive edge on your site and help take your business to the next level. Take advantage of these great interactive features to peak your user’s interest. This is your chance to make your website a memorable, positive experience for all your visitors. Say hello to HTML5, which is here to stay. It also allows users to create animations without all the extras or add-ons. Get in touch with ECA Tech’s design division today to begin integrating this seamless technology into your website and engage your visitors.

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