Direct Companies

Our clientele ranges from one-man shows to Fortune 500 companies. However, our real strength is in online software development. If your company already has a marketing team in place, we can help them attain their goals. Otherwise, we can utilize our marketing partners’ skills to develop a successful online product for your company.

Marketing Companies

If you are a marketing company, we can strictly follow your unique marketing instructions and provide the ideal solution for your customers.

Combine Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

Many often overlook the fact that conventional and digital marketing can co-exist and work in unison. Often people hear about a service in print or on the radio before they do an Internet search for it. In this way, we can utilize our abilities to execute digital marketing campaigns on your behalf, so you can provide your clients with the complete solution.

No matter what your specific marketing needs are, we can start immediately and get you results. We will unite our digital marketing skills with your conventional marketing channels to enhance your clients’ return on investment.

If your company is seeking direct marketing help from us, we can also create stand-alone, classic marketing campaigns that help your company grow, or we can also refer you to one of our classic marketing partners. If you’re looking for classic Toronto GTA marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

Integration of strategy, creative, and development


You know your clients and their business. You research, analyze and strategize for your client. Formulate a workflow for your development team, such as ECA Tech, to follow. We’ll collaborate and work with you to let you know what is possible on the web.


Our highly skilled and experienced designers can create artworks for you with your guidance. We develop and execute innovative marketing solutions on your behalf. Whether it’s a web application or interactive animation, let our skills combine with yours to develop a successful web product.


We can develop any graphic or animation, web or mobile application tailored to your signature marketing strategies for you to present to your clients.

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Clients Seeking Web Services