ECA Technologies specializes in providing web services that require specialized skills. The well-trained and experienced developers at ECA Technologies build custom solutions for our clients using .Net Framework and other programming languages like PHP, Java, ASP, J2ME, etc. Our core competencies lie in not just pretty designs but superior programming solutions.

ECA bridges the gap between IT and clients’ business plans and execution ideas. Concentration of know-how and best practices are combined with hard-working competence centres to produce software engineering of the highest quality and a global comprehension of specific clients’ challenges.


Below is an overview of the technologies our developers use to build customized applications.

PHP Web Development

ECA assists organizations in utilizing customer and supplier management systems and such components as web applications. Global organizations continuously competing for customer revenues utilize the Internet as part of a meaningful business strategy. To gain advantage in the present php development, organizations are moving beyond one-way, static sites, and toward two-way interactive conversations.

ASP.NET Web Development

ECA enables the combination of aspx pages, script commands, and .COM components to create interactive web pages or powerful web-based applications. To gain ASP.NET development advantages, more organizations are taking their business to the Internet.

Our experience and capability in developing and programming create robust, scalable and agile software applications that include multi-tier online data solutions for diverse industries without compromising the level of software capability.

SOA/WSDL or ASMX Web Services To Integrate With 3rd Party Websites

ECA Technologies specializes in M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications, especially equipment monitoring and control.

The North American communications market continues to shift to digital wireless as the preferred network choice, since the outdated networks are retired and new applications drive the bandwidth requirement far beyond what could be supported on the older networks.

New applications are being introduced to common, everyday scenarios. For example, the use of video and still picture transmission allow alarm and security companies to view a location, in real-time. As a result, false alarms can be addressed without an onsite visit being necessary.

Basic overview of M2M:

  • Data Collection – Collecting data such as a home thermostat reading.
  • Data Transmission – Data can be transmitted through various methods such as cellular networks.
  • Data Assessment – Data appears in either an application or a custom product designed for M2M.
  • Data Response – Client receives data via, for instance, messages on their cell phone.

The developers at ECA Technologies specialize in developing wireless products for Machine-to-Machine communication. We develop Machine-to-Machine Solutions to allow monitoring, management and control of remote equipment and machines via wireless networks. Contact us to learn more about our Services and Expertise in Machine-to-Machine Solutions.

Interactive Animation

Do you want to make employee training materials more interesting and fun? Utilize our skills of developing Flash or HTML5 Interactive Animations to deliver quizzes, games or videos for your team members.


Please visit the pages below to learn about the different Applications we develop based on the cutting-edge technology described above – part of the total solution that modern, electronic and commerce-based businesses need.



Our company name ECA Tech is an abbreviation of Electronic Commerce Assisting Technologies.

Located in Toronto, Canada, our mission is to make e-commerce technology an asset to your business. We focus on helping you maximize your revenue and continually meet the complex needs of business growth with web stores and other e-commerce services.


Web Application

A web application is software utilizing the World Wide Web and web browser technologies to accomplish useful tasks over a network, typically through a website instead of your desktop computer. Many different technologies are used to create a variety of web apps. When it comes to building web apps, some of the common tools include: Flash, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Java, Silverlight, ASMX.


Mobile Application

ECA delivers custom-designed, cross-platform SmartPhone mobile applications tailored to meet your unique sales and marketing needs. Our primary focus for mobile app development is on cross-development. We specialize in translating a mobile app’s interface to all mobile platforms, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone mobile app and iPod touch, RIM’s Blackberry mobile app, Google’s Android mobile app OS, Palm Pre, Nokia’s Symbian, and Windows Phone.



A CMS or content management system is software that manages all of the content on your website, just as a public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to operate. You can sit back, relax and let the CMS take care of your content.



Internet marketing & search engine optimization is a necessity for each and every web-based business. Setting up an online business is of no use unless it is marketed properly to attract potential customers and build a regular following. No organization or website can survive for long without loyal customers. Successful search engine optimization requires years of experience, as well as in-depth knowledge to understand how the search engines’ algorithms can work to your benefit.



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