HTML5 Animation Overtakes Flash Animation

Technology certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With its dynamic nature, it’s necessary to know when to implement different types of technologies. In the past, we have hit our fair share of roadblocks when it came to commanding production of online products due to limited options. As far as mobile devices were concerned, making the most of animation and streaming video and live data were a bit of a challenge as well. Say hello to HTML5, which has solved one major roadblock—utilizing animation effects on Apple devices without Flash. Since Flash uses up a lot of battery and bandwidth, Apple has never supported it.

This was no good for websites that used Flash for navigation, interaction, flash animation effects or anything at all, since they did not work on iPhones, iPads and the like. Alas, HTML5 saves the day!

HTML5 Animation: Scope

The latest and greatest edition of HTML is here with HTML5, and it’s continually moving web design and animation forward. The new generation boasts an expanded set of elements and properties, presenting brand-new design and interaction possibilities.

HTML5 has set the stage for impressive new features that allow us to create fast, interactive and visually appealing websites in a way that has never been done before. Data presentation and interactive application interfaces will benefit from advanced animations and 3D effects. With advanced multimedia options, we can develop creative websites with seamless transitions and advanced image sliders and animations. In the past, this was done with Flash animation, JavaScript or some other intense design program. But the limitations of previous HTML generations have finally been overcome with HTML5, along with CSS and JavaScript, by natively supporting advanced graphics, typography, video, animations and numerous other interactive effects.

With the booming nature of online businesses and social media in the last ten years, there has never been a better time for innovative interactive features and seamless browser compatibility across platforms and devices.

HTML5 is the language that does just that. It is compatible with all major mobile operating systems and browsers. HTML5 breaks down previous barriers and allows designers much more creative range in their web projects. Due to its compatibility with mobile web devices, it has also quickly become the mobile gold standard and is supported by all major browsers.

HTML5 Animation: Advantages

Touchscreen Support
Designers had to begin rethinking their method of design in the past few years with the introduction of touch screens. They can take advantage of many touch events, including finger on element, finger moving across element, and finger removed. HTML5 allows for countless finger interactions, including drag, pinch and zoom, and rotate.

Geolocation for Websites
In the past, a user’s geographical location was determined by using an IP detection script that accessed a database and made a estimate about the user’s general location. But HTML5 has the capability of determining more accurate geolocations. With the help of JavaScript, HTML5 can zero in on longitude and latitude coordinates via GPS and Wi-Fi router information. It can even determine altitude and a timestamp on the location and integrate this information with Google’s Static Map API. Mobile apps could then use this information to send you relevant deals and coupons wherever you happen to be.

Powerful Content Handling
Another new feature of HTML5 is a form-design toolkit expansion. This means you can add range sliders, a search field, a pop-up calendar for date selection, default text into input fields to locate books, and a color selector to view the computer’s color picker. There’s now a container to store JavaScript animations and interactive functions with the Canvas element. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language with functionality comparable to Flash, which presents an alternate approach to web animation on both desktop and mobile browsers.

A Revolution in Digital Advertising
Nowadays, people are not dependent on a single device; instead, they use multiple devices throughout the day. Advertisers seek to reach their audience on all devices, and HTML5 with JavaScript is the only known language that follows through. This is a game changer for the advertising industry, since finally an ad can literally run everywhere.

With HTML5, advertisers have access to native device features, including touch, GPS, gyroscope, and even 3D graphics acceleration. Also, designers can now access more primary constructs, which translates to infinitely more possibilities in what content can be. We also envision a healthy ad ecosystem based on HTML5 ads. We see a world where creative content can run effortlessly on any device, screen size, and naturally respond to user interactions.

HTML5 Animation: Possibilities

Sometimes a website just needs a little extra punch to catch a visitor’s eye, give them a reason to stay on your webpage, and encourage them to come back in the future. Smart touches of animation can be a great tool to do just that. Website animation can also be used in a marketing sense to guide a user’s interaction route. When employed right, it can help to drive visitors through a specific process of signing up for an email or newsletter, exploring the product page and specifications, or even completing a purchase.

We can now use HTML5 for interactive animations, which work perfectly on iPhones, mobile devices and tablets. And it can be read and indexed by search engines too. ECA Technologies has been working with HTML5 since it first hit the web and has built some pretty impressive designs with it. Here are some other HTML5 possibilities we are currently exploring:

  • Animated intros
  • Custom slideshows
  • Animated parallax effects
  • Still photographs brought to life
  • Interactive maps
  • Product breakdowns
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Short games
  • Cartoon mascots
  • Animated buttons
  • Animated timeline
  • Product manual with live updates
  • Presentations
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Interactive product configuration
  • Customized multimedia eCards

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HTML5 Animation