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With big players like Apple leaving Flash on the shelf, HTML5 is securing its place in the mobile market giving Flash a run for its money. HTML5 works seamlessly with Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. Also, HTML5 doesn’t use up as much processing power as Flash, which equals a longer battery life ideal for mobile gamers. Another plus is HTML5 doesn’t require plug-ins or any extra software for use. Expect to see HTML5 skyrocket even more as our lives increasingly center on mobile devices.

Advantages of HTML5 Games

In Browser Running Capability
The ability to write games that run natively in your browser is no less than awesome. But HTML5 takes it one step further and lets you write games that RUN IN YOUR BROWSER. Yes, HTML5 is interesting from a technology standpoint, but a browser also happens to be a perfect platform for gaming. Since browsers exist on many different devices, they’re (almost) always online and people use them as a tool to connect with each other via email, chat and social networking. By deploying a browser-based game on your e-commerce or corporate website, you can create an environment that is fun, engaging and educational while bringing together potential clients from all over the globe.

HTML5 is a standout new technology because it’s so versatile—it’s not specific to a single-use case. More importantly, HTML5 is universal. HTML5 works on desktop PCs, laptop computers, slates, smartphones, and could even work on your kitchen appliances. How’s THAT for a persuasive selling point? Plus, this unique cross-platform feature inherent to HTML5 often requires little additional work from the developer.

Quicker Development Process
There is no wait time when it comes to compilation, debugging and updates; it’s all done in real-time. As soon as the game is completed, updates can be released.

Unique Distribution and Marketing Possibilities
Some critics might think of distribution for HTML5 games as a weak point. However, this is due to thinking of it in the same light as native mobile games, where a marketplace is the sole avenue for finding games. With HTML5 games comes the mighty and formidable hyperlink. There’s no denying the ease of distributing links on the web and mobile devices; how many links do you click on each day while you’re scrolling through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Plus, links do not (and should not) be confined to just the game’s main page when HTML5 makes more complex and interactive functions possible. This includes jumping to a specific point in game, attempting to beat a friend’s high score, playing real-time with friends, linking to special business promotion, or earning revenue through advertisements. These endless possibilities can all be used to your advantage!

Things to Consider

Since screens come in all shapes and sizes these days depending on the particular device, it’s important to spend some extra time considering how your game will respond to these variations. In addition to screen sizes and input types, screen resolution and aspect ratios are other factors to keep in mind. There are steps you can take to ensure your HTML5 game works well on a mobile device. You can make sure it supports multiple resolutions and that it does not exceed a frame size of 800×480. Some personalization in the code will also be necessary for each platform, especially to ensure there are no audio issues.

Since HTML5 is platform agnostic, games are potentially in development for a whole range of devices and browsers, and some of which won’t be as fast as expected. Even if the developers only target high-powered PCs, performance can still become an issue.

However, this far exceeds the alternative of completely porting the game each time.

Future of HTML5 Gaming Platform

HTML5 is already becoming a seasoned platform for game writing, and you can thank the talented and dedicated framework developers and JavaScript pioneers. This is great news because the Web is the single most ubiquitous run-time for applications of any kind. With the right tools (many of which are conveniently integrated into Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Chrome, Firefox browsers or can be downloaded for free) and the right framework, the HTML5 gaming experience can be enjoyable and greatly rewarding, especially when creating engaging experiences in profitable and innovative ways.

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HTML5 Games